Why to Outsource to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria encourages the outsourcing and offshore services.

Bulgaria has become the most competitive outsourcing destination in Europe and 13-th worldwide.

According to a joint analysis by Colliers International and AT Kearney, in 2010 Bulgaria holds the top position for outsourcing and offshore activities. The survey was based on criteria such as financial attractiveness, the overall economic climate and the availability of a skilled workforce. The Bulgarian outsourcing market has already demonstrated its great potential and is expected to develop both in short-term and long-term perspective.

More than 200 Bulgarian companies produce software products in more than 15 industries. Some of the giants in IT business have opened outsourcing centres in Bulgaria, which are developing at accelerated rates. Some of them are SAP, IBM, HP, Nemetscek, VMware, etc.

Find out why successful companies choose Bulgaria!

Competitive advantages of the business environment:
  • Well-educated and professionally trained multilingual work force that could provide high quality work implementation

Bulgaria’s advanced education is fifth among all countries in sciences and eleventh in mathematics, according to The World Bank and the Economist. Bulgaria ranks second in the world in IQ tests and in SAT scores. The country ranked 8th at global level in certified IT professionals, according to the Brainbench Global IT IQ Report.

  • Competitive prices
  • Innovative solutions and know-how
  • Stable and predictable economic and political environment
  • Stable GDP growth (0.6% for 2009); low rates of inflation
  • Growth of FDI – 19.6% of GDP (2008-2009)
  • Favourable credit rate and political stability
  • 10% flat tax rate – the lowest in Europe
  • IT Sector with great potential for successful outsourcing
  • Legal framework harmonized with the EU legislation •
  • It’s away 3 hours flight from London and 2 hours from Berlin
  • The Bulgarian culture, is close to the principles and values of the West European Countries
  • The professional level and management skills have sufficiently improved in recent years